About Us

When AFFIX began in 2021 it was more than just an idea. It had been a dream for the Founder, Daniel, to bring an idea to life that he had thought of for years. Instead of continuing to use a makeshift idea in his garage for various hoses and other woodworking tools, he designed and patented AFFIX. The need for AFFIX couldn't have more perfect timing with the increase in interest for water sports and wake boats. Daniel designed AFFIX for not only those applications, but for those wanting to get their hoses and extension cords off of the garage floor that traditional hook systems weren't capable of.

AFFIX is now a fully functional product that has a wide range of applications. Use AFFIX in your boat, camper, or RV for another layer of storage. Then use this in your garage for hoses, extension cords, helmets, leashes, you name it.

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