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AFFIX - Hanger Storage (pack of 2)

AFFIX - Hanger Storage (pack of 2)

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AFFIX was designed to create another layer of storage in your garage, shed, boat, camper/RV, you name it. 

Secure AFFIX to walls, ceilings, and even angled surfaces.

Our unique, patent-pending design will keep your extension cords, hoses, bikes, strollers, and more organized, but also keep your stuff in place while trailering to your favorite spots or bombing around on the water, so it's perfect for those moving environments!

Here's what you get! 

  • 2 hangers per box (fully assembled)
  • 18" nylon straps
  • 316 stainless steel 
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate plate

Super easy installation, all you need is 2 screws to fit your application. AFFIX can be mounted to almost any surface! We don't provide screws because you might want to use this in the storage compartments in your boats, campers, RV's, or in your garage adhered to studs. 

AFFIX needs a #6 diameter screw


Order processing is 1-5 business days. 

AFFIX may provide product information including technical information, specifications, and recommendations for the customer's convenience. The product information is subject to change without notice. The customer is solely responsible for evaluating and selecting products and determining whether a product is fit for a particular application. Products are not manufactured to any customer requirements or specifications unless expressly agreed to in writing by AFFIX. 

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